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Making Donations

Thank you for donating to help support the work of Living God Ministries. Living God Ministries is a fully elastic 501c3 non-profit corporation, capable of easily expanding or contracting to reflect the amounts donors give. This ministry is a radio ministry that broadcasts on radio stations and makes all of the programs available for free through the radio archive. All donations qualify as tax deductible in the United States.

Living God Ministries has a well documented history of being effective in contributing to the growth and maturity of believers in the Lord Jesus throughout the world. There is no staff and the administrative expenses are minimal.

Donations can be made through the donation link availailable through our web pages, but we do prefer the standard check in the mail. We do not have a merchant account to process automatic or recurring donations. Please use your online bill pay service with your bank to have them mail a check to us on a regular basis.

Please send your donations to the following address:

Living God Ministries
PO Box 38353
Colorado Springs, CO 80937

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